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Individualized Veterinarian Care in North Haledon

Get a Timely and Accurate Diagnosis for Your Pet

North Haledon Veterinary Care utilizes in-house testing to get a quick and accurate diagnosis. Our team can do this whether you bring your pet in for a wellness check or a specific concern. This helps us have all the necessary information to establish a treatment plan to improve and maintain your pet’s health. As a full-service facility, we strive to make veterinary care convenient and accessible.

Our office serves clients in North Haledon and its surrounding areas. We can see your pet Monday through Saturday. If you have any questions about service pricing, feel free to call us to request a cost estimate.

If you need quality treatment for your pet, North Haledon Veterinary Care is here for you! Contact us today at (973) 358-8348 to schedule a visit.

On-Site Veterinarian Testing in Central Passaic County

Making veterinary care accessible and personable is our priority. Our office includes modern equipment that allows us to test for injuries or health conditions. This means you only need to bring your beloved pet to a single facility. This is easier on both you and your pet. By having everything in-house, our staff members can also get results faster, which can mean more timely treatment for your pet.

Our on-site testing equipment includes:

  • Digital medical and dental radiography
  • Vital signs and blood pressure monitors
  • Blood analyzers for rapid and same-day test results

We can also perform general health screens, including for parasites and contagious diseases. If your pet needs additional testing, we have access to several outside laboratories.

Tailoring Treatment Plans to Your Pet’s Needs

Based on our diagnosis, we create an individualized care plan for your pet to help them recover safely and as quickly as possible. This may involve medications, vitamins, supplements, weight management, surgery, or a combination of those. Our advanced medical equipment supports in-office treatments, with tools like inhalation anesthesia machines and high-speed dental drills.

Dr. Mansfield is an experienced veterinary surgeon and can perform a wide range of procedures, including soft tissue surgery. If your pet needs spaying or neutering, we can also handle these common procedures.

North Haledon Veterinary Care uses on-site testing equipment to offer a timely and accurate diagnosis for your pet’s health. Call us today at (973) 358-8348 or use our online form to learn more!

Pawsitively Raving Reviews

  • “Such a great staff. My dog sees Kyle & her tail immediately wags in circles. Doctors are very caring. All the techs are awesome. Very professional.”

    - Diane B.
  • “This place is 100% recomendable. Since I walked into the office everybody welcomes you very nicely. Dr. Is very nice and he can answer every question, he does not rush he takes his time examine my little puppy. The whole staff is very friendly!!!”

    - Zoe M.
  • “The best, most compassionate vet practice. They've cared for all my pets over 23 years! The staff know you, Jeff is the best!!! Thank you for doing what you do!”

    - Andy H.

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